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Year 5/6 

Hello and welcome to Simmonds Class

The topic web for the term can be viewed here

13th June 2019

This term the children in Year 5/6 are running an event to raise money for Julian House. This event will be held later in the term, but today the children participated in an additional fund raiser.  The year 5 children were invited to the Pig to serve fresh summer drinks on the lawn.  In addition to the mocktails served, we hired a smoothie bike from Julian House and the children also made smoothies.  They enjoyed the experience and were very professional, talking politely to their customers and taking the money and change.  The Pig kindly donated all of the ingredients for the smoothies.  Here is a picture of the children 'slapping' the mint in order to release the oils!


Our new topic for the summer term is the Georgians.  In particular, we will be studying Georgian Bath and as part of this will visit Bath and Prior Park Landscape Gardens. The children are already excited to find out the title of our leaver's performance which will be revealed to the class at the end of term 5. 

The Palladian Bridge in Prior Park Landscape Gardens.

5th April 2019

As term 4 comes to an end, here are some photographs of our learning experiences this term.

On world book day, children worked in groups to make a book.

Year 6 ran a stand teaching people about electricity at the Bath taps into Science fair.

Continuing our work on forces, we investigated levers.

During the last week of term, we were visited by Triathlete, Chris Silver.  He showed us some of his training exercises and spoke to us about resilience and the benefits of sport and exercise. 


1st March 2019

Happy St David's day!

Welcome back - I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing half term.  This term we are going to continue learning about Ancient Greece but we will also extend our topic to look at modern day Greece, using maps and atlases to locate Greece.  Our new science topic is forces and the children have already begun this week making and testing parachutes to learn about air resistance.  In addition to this, we will be visiting the University of Bath for the annual science fair where the Year 6 children will be running a stand.  We will also be attending the Forum in Bath to watch the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra perform - always a wonderful experience!

Term 3 science - diffusion experiment!

Term 3 Tag Rugby Festival at Wellsway school.


3rd January 2019

Happy New Year! Our topic for Term 3 is Ancient Greece.  Click on the link above to see what we will be learning.

Science 29th November 2018

In science this term we have been learning about the Linnaeus classification system.  We have been learning to sort, use our observation skills and ask questions.  Yesterday afternoon we used a variety of sweets to practice drawing a classification key.  We had to think of questions which could only be answered with 'yes' or 'no'.

Challenge time 23rd November 2018.

The children made models of different types of mountains including fold mountains, dome mountains and volcanic mountains.  This was the winning model.

The Pig Visit 8th November 2018

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday when staff from The Pig visited us to help us learn about rationing during and after the war.  First we looked at what a ten year old child would have received each week.

How long do you think this amount of food would last today?

Following this, we made carrot cookies.  The weekly ration of sugar wasn't very much so carrots were used to add sweetness.



The children took their cookie dough home to bake, eat and share with their family!


Autumn Term 2 2018

At the start of our new winter term we will be continuing to learn about World War 1.  We have a very exciting visit from The Pig on our first Thursday back to school, where we will be cooking using rations.  During the second week of term we will be visiting Wells Cathedral to take part in memorial activities.  Towards the end of the term we will start a new geography topic, comparing and contrasting the Alps with the Lake district. 

Autumn Term 1 2018

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer.  Our topic for term 1 will be the stone age.  We will start exploring this exciting topic with a visit to Stonehenge in week 2 of the new term.  Take a look at the topic web above to see what we will be learning throughout the term.

Week 2

We had a fantastic visit to Stonehenge on Wednesday.  When we arrived, the children took part in indoor workshops learning about how the stones were moved and lifted, being archaeologists and the summer and winter solstice.  We then went outdoors to make rope out of reeds, build fences out of hazel wood and grind our own flour in a Neolithic home using Stone Age tools.  After lunch we caught the bus out to the stones themselves.  Our visit was followed up on Thursday with a trip to St Peters church where the children shared their new knowledge with the parishioners.

Week 1

What a fantastic first week we have had! Our week ended this afternoon with our first challenge time of the year.  The challenge was to build a model of Stonehenge out of either biscuits or cheesy puffs.  Great team work was demonstrated across the class, with some impressive cheesy puff and biscuit craftsmanship!  We discovered that biscuits were much easier to work with when making Stonehenge.  Here is the winning model for each material.










Important information

Here are a few things you might want to know about being in year 5 and 6: 

  • Swimming is on Tuesday mornings.
  • You should have your PE kit in school all week.
  • In Simmonds class you still need to keep reading at home, especially out loud to adults.  When you have read an adult should sign your reading record.  
  • Homework books and reading records will be collected on on Thursday each week.  

Spelling badges are all located under the links tab at the top. 

For videos to help with methods in maths scroll up and click on Maths from the menu on the right.