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Year 1/2

Welcome to Murray Class - our topic for this term is 'Space and the moon landing.'



Today we made roast potatoes for our challenge time, I set the children the challenge of peeling, chopping, parboiling and oven roasting them. We cooked them in different things, some healthy and some not. Then came the taste test and the children had to try and guess which potatoes were healthy and unhealthy. On the whole the children preferred the healthy potatoes which was fantastic!





It was wonderful to see the children back at school today and we have hit the ground running with our new topic! This afternoon we have been learning about forces and more specifically what a 'gravitational pull' is. We conducted an experiment using different materials, to predict and then test what would happen when we dropped them. We also learnt about fair testing and how we would do this. 




Today for our challenge time we had to make 'tempera paint', which is a medieval paint consisting of egg yolk and food colouring. The children had fun getting messy with the eggs and then made their own paintings using the paint they had made. 





This morning we went for a beautiful walk in the fields of Marksbury, a great opportunity for us to learn about what is right on our doorstep. The weather stayed dry but we did get a little muddy!





We have been creating collages of minibeasts based on the work of Eric Carle. Have a look at some of our fantastic creations below.




This week we have been using the iPads and Netbooks to help us research penguins. We are now using this information to write a fact file of our own. 

We have had an exciting first few weeks in Murray Class with lots of learning and plenty of fun. Here are some photos of our first few weeks. 





Important information:

  • Children will need their PE kits in school everyday. Regular PE sessions are: Tuesday morning swimming, and Wednesday afternoon.  In addition to this Year 2 children will have Tai Chi lessons every Monday afternoon. 

  • Year 2 homework will be handed out on Friday and should be handed back in on Wednesday.  The homework will be based around what the children are learning in class that week and should take between 10 and 20 minutes.  The idea is for the year 2 children to get used to the idea of homework before moving into KS2.  It is better for your child to complete a small amount of homework well, for example writing one sentence well, rather than spending too much time on a piece. 

  • Year one and two spellings will be sent home on a Friday, children are encouraged to practice these using the 'Look, cover, write, check' method. There will be a spelling test each Thursday morning. 

  • Children's book bags may not be checked every day, so please remind your child to hand any letters / messages to their teacher or the office.

  • Reading - Year 1 books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Year 2 books will be changed on a Tuesday and Thursday. Year 2 children will take two books home on a Thursday. 

  • Spellings - every child has a set of spellings that build up to a collection of key words.  Once they can spell all the words in the collection correctly, confidently and independently they will be awarded their spelling badge.

If you have any further questions please come in to see us or send a message in the home school diary.   


The names of any phonics or reading schemes in operation used in Key Stage 1 are:

LETTERS AND SOUNDS in R/Y1/2 supported by Jolly Phonics/Oxford Reading Tree and various other schemes.

Please refer to the following videos for information on how to help your child with spellings:

Spellings: Tricky Words

Spellings: Alternative pronunciations

Spellings: Alternative spellings

Spellings: New sounds