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Year 5/6 

Hello and welcome to Simmonds Class

The topic web for the term can be viewed here.

18th February 2018

Welcome Back to Term 4.  I hope everyone has had a lovely half term.  Our new topic for this term is Space.  Please see above for the new topic web.

23rd January 2018

It's hard to believe that we are already over half way through term 3.  Here are just a few of the things we have been doing this term.


This week we attended a tag rugby festival at Wellsway school.  As always, we had a great time and the Wellsway Sports Ambassadors (Year 8 and 10 Pupils) were fantastic role models for our children.  Thank you Wellsway!

   We have been learning to use our new microbits.


  And we've been learning all about fractions!    




 29th December 2017

I hope everyone has had a happy and peaceful Christmas.  The New Year is almost upon us and in Term 3 we will be learning about biomes and climate zones.  Our new topic web can be found by clicking the link above.

Happy New Year!


What an amazing week we have all had! We returned to school yesterday morning exhausted but very happy.  I am so proud of everyone in Simmonds Class.  I saw so many children (and adults) overcome fears and try new things - everyone attempted every activity and no one gave up on any of the team challenges.  The children demonstrated great leadership skills, kindness and support for one another, and resilience.  Our whole school value of friendship was demonstrated continuously throughout the week.  Most importantly there was lots of laughter.  We also achieved a zero-heroes award, which means that as a school we had zero food waste for the entire week! This wasn't too much of a problem as the food was delicious and we all had very big appetites due to being outdoors all day long and doing lots of physical activities.

There was another prize on the last day for the tidiest room - these are the boys who won that award.



3rd October 2017

What a busy term we have had already! Yesterday Simmonds Class went into Bath for a two-part trip.  The morning was spent exploring Bath Abbey - we saw lots of beautiful tapestries based on Bible stories we have been learning in our RE lessons.  Following a lunch in parade gardens, we took part in a workshop at the Victoria Art Gallery and painted Chinese dragons.

Today, as part of our topic learning about natural disasters,  Adam Conlon visited our class to talk about his recent disaster recovery work  with Team Rubicon.  The children were interested to learn about the impact of the recent hurricanes and they asked lots of thoughtful questions.  A big thank you to Adam for his time, from everyone in Simmonds Class.

Both the gallery visit and the talk will now be used as starting points for two very different types of writing.  In addition to this, the children have made paper mache volcanoes; later this week we will be creating volcanic eruptions again - this time adding red food colouring! 


15th September 2017

Challenge time: Earthquake proof structures

The groups were competing to make the tallest structure (made from marshmallows and straws) which could withstand being wobbled on a tray of jelly without collapsing.  They had to work as a team and had limited resources.  Take a look at the photographs below - can you see which design features were the most successful?


     This building failed the test!    


The winning design stayed standing after lots of wobbling!



6th September 2017

Volcano experiment!


Today Simmonds class created a reaction using bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.  They investigated how changing the proportion of each of the reactants impacted on the reaction.  They also observed what happened when they changed the size and shape of the glass while keeping the amounts and proportions of the bicarbonate and vinegar the same.  They are now going to build a model volcano and use the best combination of reactants to make a great volcano special effect - and next time they'll add red food colouring for the lava!  We discovered that adding washing up liquid makes the bubbles last longer!




Summer Term 2017




Important information

Here are a few things you might want to know about being in year 5 and 6: 

  • Swimming is on Tuesday mornings.
  • You should have your PE kit in school all week.
  • In Simmonds class you still need to keep reading at home, especially out loud to adults.  When you have read an adult should sign your reading record.

Spelling badges are all located under the links tab at the top.


Woodlands is another great collection of websites for practising all sorts of areas of maths.

For videos to help with methods in maths scroll up and click on Maths from the menu on the right.